Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council


14th HEMAYA International Forum & Exhibition on Drug Issues

“Learn to Protect”

HEMAYA International Forum & Exhibition on Drug Issues is considered one of the prominent events organized by the Dubai Police in partnership with the United Nations. The forum discusses topics related to drugs and its effect on communities and suggests solutions and ways to combat and prevent drug addiction.

The 14th edition of HEMAYA International Forum & Exhibition will be held under the theme “Learn to Protect”, from 28-29 April 2019 at Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, Dubai, UAE.

Training Workshops:

  • Challenges of money laundering crime and its role in financing illicit trade of drugs and psychotropic substances.
  • Role of electronic websites and the mechanisms for combatting and encountering them.

Parallel Exhibition:

It is one of the activities of Hemaya International Forum, in which institutions and companies concerned with the issue of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances present their products, efforts and activities.

Importance of Hemaya International Forum:

Hemaya International Forum is an annual event held to discuss drugs related matters. This international event is one of the most prominent events organized by Dubai Police Headquarters in cooperation with global, regional and local partners. The forum is regarded as a platform for discussing cases related to drug abuse and addiction, in addition to finding the solutions to combat and prevent drugs abuse by detecting and monitoring their current development and foresighting their future as well as building a common and comprehensive structure to deal with this phenomenon from all the aspects (i.e. legislative, field, sanitary, security, social and psychological aspects).

Hemaya International Forum is part of the efforts of the Dubai Police to inculcate culture and knowledge in order to establish a scientific anti-drug methodology to combat drugs at all levels: prevention, awareness and fieldwork.

Generally, Hemaya International Center seeks to achieve three main objectives:

First, unifying the knowledge and training quantum for personnel at anti-narcotics departments and relevant institutions.

Second, forming a communicative base combining experts and specialists working on a common vision.

Third, forming a society-based public opinion in order to positively and effectively deal with such hazardous phenomenon in our society.

A Brief about Hemaya International Forum Previous Editions:

Hemaya International Forum was first launched in 2004; with the aim to address all issues related to drugs and psychotropic substances. The topic for each edition is selected after consulting with concerned partners and parties. The Forum has tackled the following issues in its previous editions:

  1. In its 1st edition, the Forum discussed “The Problems of Legal Procedures in the Narcotics Law”.
  2. In its 2nd edition, it addressed “The Role of Media, Therapeutic and Educational Institutions in Drug Control”.
  3. The 3rd edition dealt with the “Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers for Addicts between Reality and Ambition.”
  4. As for the 4th edition, the forum explored the issue of “Drugs and AIDS…from a Religious, Health, Social and Legal Perspective.
  5. In its 5th edition, the Forum addressed “The Federal Law of Drugs between Reality and Ambition…Towards a Law that Keeps Pace with the Changes of the Age.”
  6. In the 6th edition, the Forum dealt with “Investing Human Resources in Drug Control Between Reality and Ambition.”
  7. The 7th edition was about “Drugs in 2020… Expected Challenges and Mechanisms of Combat – Towards a Forward-Looking Vision for a Secure Future.”
  8. In the 8th edition, the Forum’s theme was “Chemical Precursors and Fundamentals…Control Mechanisms Between Reality and Ambition.”
  9. In the 9th edition, the theme was “International Smuggling and Control Mechanisms.”
  10. The Forum in its 10th edition addressed “International Standards for the Development of International and Regional Strategies Towards Narcotic Drugs Prevention.”
  11. In its 11th edition, the Forum addressed the issue of “Medical and Psychiatric Drugs and their Abuse…Challenges and Combat Strategy.”
  12. In the 12th edition, the Forum tackled the theme “Regional and National Role to Reduce Stimulants (Amphetamines and Captagon)”.
  13. While last year’s edition was under the theme “Foreseeing the Future of the Global Combat of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances: Predictions, Preparations and Prevention Strategies for 2030”.


28-29 April 2019


Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“Learn to Protect”